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Product Sample Packages

Our Plan is Better than free samples !

Nobody really gives free samples since they build the cost of samples into their product prices. The more free samples a company gives to people who never end up buying, the higher their product prices will have to be.

Under our simple plan you can actually save money by buying the samples you need for informed decision making. Here is how it works. Buy the samples you would like to evaluate and use. We will flag your account to receive a 10% discount on any purchases you make within a number of days equal to the number of dollars you paid for samples.

A simple example could be that you buy $30 of moulding samples. During the next 30 days you buy oil paintings, frames, or framing materials costing $500. In this case you would get $50 in discounts which is actually more than you paid for the samples. Spend $15 on samples and get 15 days of 10% discounts or spend $200 on samples and get 200 days of 10% discounts.

This plan results in the people who actually buy from us receiving the money we save by not giving samples to anyone who would receive free samples without making a purchase. The following sample packges cost less than individual samples and provide discounts on future purchases.

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10 Pieces of 3" length samples


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