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08/07/2013, 14:34

"Ah! This is great. I didn't even think...I've done a boy's nursery. Actually, I've done two. I'll e-mail you pics: one was for twin boys who live in a very mid-century home in Jackson, Ms., and the other was for a litlte boy in New Orleans. Both very different...one I did in old, french train posters (the one in Nola) I bought on Ebay, and the more contemporary one I used color and folk art. I'll send pics when I get back to office. I LOVE nurseries!"


01/10/2012, 11:36

"Deadly accurate answer. You've hit the bullseye!"


10/04/2011, 21:40

"New Have it Your Way Frame category makes ordering custom or any size frames much more customer friendly."


04/03/2011, 11:20

"Your Custom Framing Package category makes it easy to estimate the cost of custom framing. "


12/26/2010, 12:02

"The new categories make ordering even easier."


10/31/2010, 19:42

"Blog pages are interesting"

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